About Us

Who are Hyper Meteor Ltd?

Hyper Meteor Ltd strives to encourage as many people as possible to look up at the stars and start dreaming of what is possible in the future. An international communications and education network, providing the very best, brightest and courageous people working tirelessly toward making space a place not just of distant wonder but a place we live, work and play. One company branching into three directions, each branch specialising in the fundamentals required to provide an engaging and interactive experience for all.

01 – Hyper Unity

Join our Hyper community platform today! ‘Look to the stars’ how to guides, community content submission, chat rooms and much more. Meet new likeminded friends and have tremendous amounts of fun.

02 – Hyper Sensor Array

The first major product of Hyper Meteor Ltd. A product that brings the delights of the stars to everyday people. Look to the sky and use our Hyper Sensor Array products to do it!

03– Hyper Exchange

We provide the opportunity for Crypto start up projects to have a great starting point, to grow and achieve great exposure for investments from around the globe. Affordable for all start up projects big and small.