About Us


As a registered limited company based in the UK, Hyper Meteor LTD are here for the long run. Hyper Meteor LTD strives to encourage as many people as possible to look up at the stars and start dreaming of what is possible in the future. Our aim? to merge Space, NFTs and Cryptocurrencies all together in one place. To do this we branch out initially into three directions; to build a strong social platform, to build a network of sky detection scanners with supporting projects and a currency exchange with creative services.

All three working together to provide an engaging and interactive experience for all involved.

Things Are Looking Up!


The Hyper Community Platform (HCP) is an innovative and diverse place for those with a common interest in Space, NFTs and Cryptocurrencies. Share and inspire! Members can upload captured multimedia content of the stars and showcase their equipment. New or existing NFT or Crypto token projects can upload project details for the community to up-vote to achieve Project of the month!

All members can enjoy and interact with each other via our Hyper Feeds, Hyper Chat and Forums.

Share, Learn and Earn!

Be rewarded for your work! The HCP offers members the opportunity to be rewarded by earning points from our built-in points matrix for premium members to exchange for Hyper Tokens.

Need a distraction? Check out our embedded games gallery, our selection of Hyper NFTs or why not read up on our collaborations.

Our platform vehicle is an Ethereum ERC20 token called $HYCO, Hyper Unity Token. $HYCO is a deflationary token that rewards all holders with a redistribution tax, liquidity acquisition and to restock the treasure wallet for future community airdrops and rewards.

We look to utilise funds raised for ongoing platform improvements like adding an NFT Marketplace and profile hot wallets and for those improvements to reflect on the $HYCO token price over the years to come.



In 2022 we will start raising funds to commence building a network of sky scanning detection devices that capture orbital abnormalities like meteors, fireballs and the unknown.

Our aim is to have 6 stations around the globe (60 HyperHUB devices in total) to cover the northern and southern hemispheres, within the first 5 years of project launch. The initial build taking place in the UK, to then be shipped out to our first location which we aim to be El Salvador. Each location will have 10 devices, 2 devices in each location dedicated for members of the HCP to use and study data.

The remaining 8 HyperHUBs in each location will be used to capture those unique, wow moments of detection and will be available to purchase.

In all stations we look to commence innovation academies to work with local communities to educate on border technologies like the Blockchain, Non-fungible tokens and Cryptocurrencies.

We plan to create multiple avenues of fund raising for this project. We share with the world our Iconic characters and storyline that will intertwine real world issues and challenges with our very own project. A Cardano (ADA) token called TALU with exciting tokenomics that the community can vote on. In addition to this, the release of over 1000+ NFTs with a Planetary Social Club, merchandise and a comic strip that tells the story of Captain TALU and his battles around the universe to return stolen TALU tokens to Earth. It’s going to be one journey you don't want to miss.

Things Are Looking Up! TALU!


We aim to provide the opportunity for Crypto start up projects to have a great starting point, to grow and achieve great exposure for investments from around the globe. Your one stop shop for creative services right up to listing your project’s Crypto token on the Hyper Exchange! Build commences late 2022.