Clive breaths life into all things visual and digital. Growing our NFT portfolio and engaging with the community to produce fine works of art and imagery for Hyper Meteor Ltd. He will work alongside members of the executive management team also.



Freidrich is our smart contract and Blockchain master with years of experience in computer science, cyber security and programming. He has successfully launched and administered several innovative and complex smart contracts in the ICO, ITS and IDO field.



Aadon brings all the pieces of the project together. Overseeing the development of the companies business goals and objectives.



Miquel is the driving force in bringing new ideas to the Hyper Meteor Ltd table. Vast experience and knowledge of Crypto and the blockchain, he thrives to grow Hyper Meteor Ltd to be a major player in the space, science and education industries

The executive members of Hyper Meteor Ltd would like to re-assure all of those within the community and investors that we are 100% committed to the following.

  • 100% transparency
  • High quality product creation
  • Real sustainable long term growth
  • Maximizing 100% of Human Potential
  • Innovation, Flexibility and Adaptability as a Company

We know it's the wild west out there at the moment in the world of Crypto especially and that here seems to be as many rug pull projects as there are projects with the best intentions.

That is why we are committed to making sure that the community will always be aware of what work is being done in the background

We will at every stage, where information is not sensitive to I.P. Or ongoing development, keep all information freely and publicly available. We will always endeavour to respond to requests for information and clarification as soon as we are able.